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Chocolate doesn’t get much better than this.

Having had the pleasure of visiting Mast Brothers in Williamsburg, I can say first hand how amazing their entire brand is. And yes, I say brand because each piece of chocolate is complimented by such slick package design and presentation, it’s impossible not to notice the dedication these guys have for their craft. Each bar offers its own story of flavors, and no two are exactly alike. As if you needed another reason to fall in love with chocolate.

Here’s how to get creative.

Welcome to the world of creativity. It’s filled with absolute craziness yet utter brilliance. All are welcome. Now grab your Field Notes and watch this.  [via Colossal]

Making magic in the woods at Outside Lands

Last weekend, half of Holiday Matinee met in the middle of a spacious San Francisco park for Outside Lands. Despite our inability to be in four places at once, we caught some really rad shows and met volumes of super friendly people. Smaller, less-packed performances by Vetiver and Phantogram were a treat for our elbows and ears, while bigger bands like Arcade Fire and The Shins lived up to the hype and successfully gave us the chills.

If you were on the hunt for more than just music, the festival offered a bunch of different options for exploring. We spent a lot of time in McLaren Pass, admiring the interactive installations from Monica Canilao, swinging with the chimes and sampling bites from the Food Truck Forest vendors (tots + fried mac & cheese = <3). The booze selection, however, left a lot to be desired. Forget Big Boi, we were missing craft brews, as Heineken completely dominated the beer booths. This had Kiran and Ice Cream Man reminiscing over the good ol’ Goose Island days of Pitchfork. Thankfully, the $2-4 pours splashes of local vino inside Wine Lands were there to quench our thirst.

Some favorite memories include: The Decemberists’ encore performance of Mariner’s Revenge Song, which had the audience clapping and screaming like they were being swallowed by a whale, our interviews with Chaz, STRFKR and The Stone Foxes, winning a koozie in the shape of a shoe, a magician playing the cello in Choco Lands and Dave Chappelle’s first beach ball concert.

In its fourth year, Outside Lands took it up a notch, hosting a wonderful weekend packed with memorable shows, enthusiastic fans, delicious food and environmental friendliness. We’re already counting down the days until next year’s festival and looking forward to the magical things that take place within the woods of Golden Gate Park.

See more photos here and check out our previous Outside Lands coverage too!

A museum concession stand like no other.

I’m floored by the creativity on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Their new concession stand is a masterpiece of art and nature. The design is based on the universal notion that you need to sacrifice something in order to make something new. True that. More pics after the jump.

Do-Tell: Chaz Bundick, Toro Y Moi

Take it from me, Chaz Bundick (Toro Y Moi) is one of the most approachable people you’ll ever meet. I’ve always felt awkward butting into conversations, but had no problem walking right up to his circle of friends for a chat at Outside Lands this past weekend in San Francisco. Chaz was nice enough to take a few minutes from his ultra-busy press schedule to talk about his new EP, what his dreams are like and the two things he’s most excited about right now. Have a listen below.

Chaz Bundick Interview

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