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I didn’t mean to turn you on

There is so much awesomeness and unintentional comedy in this clip that my head is about to explode. How do you think you would have answered this question? Go get some! [via Lifelounge]

Legends of the Sunset Temple

A couple weeks ago, Kiran and I danced our pants off in a sea of bubbles and bright lights. There were no Mayan Temple Guards or Pendants of Life, but blue spandex, ripped fishnets, animal masks, glow sticks and exposed chest hair? It was all there. We were attending the last night of the San Diego Music Thing at the Sunset Temple, and caught some wild performances from Jamuel Saxon, Rafter, Cuckoo Chaos and Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr. Good times included Rafter’s rendition of No Fucking Around and a Whitney Houston cover from the DEJJ boys that had the entire room shaking their rumps while singing at full lung capacity. If you have the chance to see any of these bands in the future, do it! Promise you won’t be disappointed.

Drool over the rest of our disposable camera photos here.

I guess Neon Indian and breakdancing do go together

I can only speak for myself here, but I think this video of scenes from the movie Breakin’ set to Neon Indian’s Polish Girl is pretty rad in every sense of the word. How does it not make you smile?

Holiday Matinee’s September Mixtape!

With autumn officially days away, it’s time to throw Summer 2011 a going away party, so make sure you’re enjoying those rooftops, patios and stoops to the fullest.  This month’s got some tracks to help you make the transition including music from Girls, Feist, Youth Lagoon, Cuckoo Chaos and more!

What up PARK(ing) Day? You’re on Friday!

Tired of your weekly routine? Great, because this Friday is PARK(ing) Day and we encourage all of you to take a break. You know, that is if you’re down with more urban green space and promoting community. It’s truly an international affair and last year, 850 parks were set up in 183 cities across the globe to demonstrate the need for more urban green space. This will be our 3rd year of creating our own park in San Diego (details here) and we’ll be joined by our friends at Sezio, Community, The Foundry, the San Diego Architectural Foundation and Synthetic Lawn Supply. Last year, we were called hippies and deadbeats by some miserable people (on the interwebs of course) so this year is sure to have its share of drama, although I must say we’re getting to be pros at handling the fuzz. I kid, they were actually quite awesome about us doing this last year! Get on out there, even if it’s just during lunch and if you’re not in SD, check the map to find locations in your city.

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