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Fail again. Fail better.

By now, you know we’re big believers in making mistakes (and misteaks), so I’m loving this gem from the gentlemen behind The Phraseology Project. The artists also take submissions, so think of something clever and perhaps they’ll turn your favorite phrase into beautiful type. Keeping all twenty digits crossed my beloved “make sandwiches, not war.“ quote makes the cut! [h/t PUBLIC SCHOOL]

Holiday Matinee + Tattly = Temporary Tattoo Awesomeness

It was only a few months ago when design-kids everywhere celebrated the new venture of Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka swissmiss), Tattly, an online shop for totally cool, temporary tattoos. And today we’re feeling the love as two of our designs are ready to be slapped all over your gorgeous body. Both designs were a collaboration between myself and longtime Holiday Matinee designer Dylan Ousley. We focused on a theme we felt the world needed more of and executed it with handmade typography (while drinking Leffe beers and listening to Hall & Oates). Enjoy!

Holiday Matinee’s October Mixtape!

What’s your favorite part of October? Indian summers, costumes, pumpkins, decorative gourds? Please just don’t say tell us the new Bieber single that’s out today. This month’s mix has Real Estate, Mayer Hawthorne, Hodgy Beats, Jonathan Wilson and something totally unexpected to close. Just go ahead now.

Amit Gupta Needs Our Help!

There are times in this world where we need to do everything in our power to keep someone on this planet and such is the way I feel about my pal Amit Gupta (founder of Photojojo and Jelly). Amit is currently battling leukemia and while he has been getting an outpour of support from the interwebs, we’re still working on finding him a bone marrow match so we can get him healthy and back to making awesome in this world.

It’s really easy to join the bone marrow registry (you take a simple swab test) and hopefully if we can get enough new registrants, we can save Amit’s life and countless others in the process. Please guys, it would mean so much to me if you’re able to able to join (especially if you are South Asian) or just keep spreading the word to friends and family. There are even drives to collect potential donors in NYC and Dallas today with more scheduled for Connecticut, San Francisco and Ann Arbor real soon. Everything you need to know about helping out can be found here and if you prefer the FB, here.

I’m just touching your back right now

His videos already get a million plus views on YouTube, but Kassem G’s California On interview series is too freakin’ funny to not write about at least once. Perhaps it’s his brazen interview style or his wardrobe of sweet wolf t-shirts, but you’ll be hooked on these once you get going.

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