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You had me at Helvetica

Well I gotta say…our buddies John and David from Orange & Park are completely killing it with their map prints. First it was California and now they’re taking on the world with Continent Prints of North America, South America and Africa. Helvetica Neue Bold on slate – you look stunning and all I can think about is taking you home tonight.

A food and music experience you won’t want to miss.

Our friends over at Turntable Kitchen have cooked up something delicious — and it’s not just food. They’ve recently introduced a monthly Pairings Box subscription, a “curated food and music discovery experience.” I’m not talking about some random recipes thrown together — this is truly a labor of love. Kasey and Matt spend hours pouring over recipes and artists to come up with the perfect pairings, and then send you their hand-selected choices. You get a vinyl (yes, they are old school and we love it), recipes, special ingredients… you know what? Just check it out here for yourself, and hurry because there might already be a waiting list for next month!

The world’s first digital art gallery (disguised as a game).

Depending on how you look at it, Dabball is an artfully addictive game that allows players to purchase great art directly from their mobile device. Or, it’s the world’s first digital art gallery that sells museum-quality artist prints by way of art-inspired dexterity games. Either way, if you’re into good design and mobile gaming, you’ll want to get your hands on Dabball. It’s totally free and you can pick it up right here.

Go beard or go home.

I’m not sure how my beardvocacy first started, but there’s no turning back now. My devotion is actually pretty irrational if you consider the side effects of facial hair. Beards feel kinda itchy, eating granola bars or slurping a bowl of soup must be difficult, sometimes they hide handsome smiles and maintaining them seems like a lot of work. But shoot, if you can grow one, please do; the ladies love ‘em! Well, looks like Matt Rainwaters does too, because he has a new book showcasing these wonderful whiskers, and I’m definitely wish-listing this masterpiece with the quickness. Whether they’re rugged and manly or trim and thin, beards are simply the best and they’d look good on your coffee table too. [via PUBLIC SCHOOL]

Images: Matt Rainwaters via Feature Shoot

Unicorns are jerks

I love unicorns because they’re usually fabulous creatures, but this particular unicorn takes things way too far. Feeding pigs bacon? Tearing the last page out of a library book? What is this? Illustrator Cole Moss (who happened to be a fellow schoolmate of mine at Otis College) released a book full of these illustrations. Unfortunately, the book is so awesome that it sold out online. The good news is, they’re still available at the bookstores listed here.

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