Going Home to Four Day Weekend

I’ve only been living in San Francisco a month, but I can’t pass up the chance to head home to San Diego this weekend for Sezio’s Four Day Weekend. If you missed last year’s radness, #1 – make sure you go, but it’s the 2nd installment of as I like to think of it, a mini music festival. This year’s headliners – Peter Wolf Crier, Dirty Gold, Lord Huron and Real Estate are all worth your time and accompanied by a choice selection of opening acts. It’s only $30 for a 4-day pass (or $10/night) and shows are all ages, but that isn’t to say that’s the only thing going on. Each evening is filled with happy hours, DJs and after-parties. If you need any further convincing you can listen to this sweet mixtape of all the acts, but would I really be so intent on visiting this weekend if I didn’t know it was going to be awesome? Check out the cuties going and get your tickets here before they vamoose.