All I do is make the stuff I woulda liked

I was a little concerned about Childish Gambino’s CAMP after hearing the Bonfire single, and while I certainly wasn’t going to write Donald off just because he made one album I didn’t love, I’m glad to say there’s some tracks on there (“Fire Fly” and “Sunrise”) I’m totally digging. The dude has officially now rapped about two of my favorite video games ever (Road Rash / Toejam & Earl) and I’m pretty sure he’s one of the few artists who’s going to throw down “Sufjan” in a rhyme. Yeah, I realize some people get tired about his repeat themes, but as another person who carries a chip on his shoulder about his past, it speaks to me. CAMP is out today on Glassnote, but I would actually recommend picking up the physical version in select stores so you can score a sweet CAMP merit badge too.

Childish Gambino – Fire Fly