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I seriously dig you

This would make a great Valentines Day gift. It’s made from a copper dog tag hand stamped letter-by-letter with a brass trowel charm and comes with an antique brass split ring. Available on Etsy for $14.95. Dig it!

A water cooler that’s sure to get your co-workers talking (and buzzed).

At MKG our water cooler is tucked away in a lonely, often dark storage closet. It definitely gets used but rarely do you see anyone hovering over it, talking about last night’s episode of Californication. Maybe people don’t see the genius of David Duchovny or they don’t have Showtime or maybe we just need to replace the water with our friends, Jack Daniels.

It’s not often I say hold the guacamole

My love affair with burritos began in college after discovering Anna’s and Felipe’s in Boston. It was convenient, inexpensive and downright delectable. Not surprisingly, it led to me moving to San Diego (well, part of the reason anyways). And although SD can’t really be beat, SF burritos are nothing to scoff at either. Today though, Photojojo has taken burrito culture to the next level with the Photorito Lens Wrap, a protective cover for your lens that looks like a tortilla. Sure, I work for these guys, but this product is too rad not to make a huge fuss over.

Ever miss a show you totally would’ve gone to?

There are times where I love using my phone and others where it’s painfully irritating, but checking concert listings on the free Bandsintown iPhone app has been great. A few things to love about this one? Pretty exhaustive listings of all local gigs on any night in your city, recommended shows based on your favorite bands and good-looking, clean design. There are those complaining about needing a Facebook account to join the fun and while it’s a valid point, this is an early version and I have no doubt it’s going to improve. Thanks Todd, Phil, Alexis and crew! You just made it much easier for me to never miss a band I’m into.

Expletive appropriate f-bomb paperweight

It’s never easy dropping truth bombs in the office. But “f” bombs? Always explosive fun! Fred Conlon’s recycled steel sculpture lightens up desk-side chats and tough conversations with a delightfully abstract expletive appropriate for any situation. Handmade in Utah and available here. Fuck yeah!

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