Do-Tell: Gareth Campesinos, Los Campesinos!

Ever since I heard You! Me! Dancing! on a 2008 Cornerstone sampler CD, Los Campesinos! had me hooked. The band’s songs almost always make we want to sing, shout and dance (or flail about). But as a person who’s occasionally prone to bluntly speaking their mind when it’s not advisable, what appeals to me is the raw emotion and honesty in lead vocalist’s Gareth Campesinos’s lyrics. Yes, emancipating feelings can get messy and embarrassing, but goddamn I totally understand how good it feels for him to do it. When his publicist penned me in for an interview I jumped at the chance to chat with someone whose live performances make you remember why you enjoy going to shows so much. Among the topics: his creative process, favorite television shows and what he misses most when on tour. Have a listen below and you’ll know Gareth a bit better too!

Gareth Campesinos Interview