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This brings new meaning to Puppy Bowl

Oh my, this is some funny right here. Thank you internets.

The ultimate social media t-shirt?

This t-shirt is for the ones who want to be found. Super clever design by Madrid-based studio, IS Creative. No data yet on whether this will increase your Klout score but purchase here and let us know!

Why can’t all political television be like this?

I’d watch way more political tv if it were this good. Hearing these kids’ opinions on politics is hilarious and to be perfectly honest, some of them might have better ideas than the Republican candidates we’ve seen in recent years. New eps of Fresh Perspectives start up again March 29th (Thursday)!

Committed to change

Yesterday afternoon, an ambiguous post from The Morning Benders popped into my Facebook feed. It was simply “This will be the last post from The Morning Benders. Thank you all very much.” Understandably, fans were freaking out about a possible breakup and I was a little shocked because I really can’t imagine Chris Chu and his bandmates fighting. As it turns out the last post just means the band is changing it’s name to POP ETC.¬†after having gone on tour in the UK and learning “benders” is a derogatory term for homosexuals. I think it’s a nice gesture seeing as how they never intended to harm anyone and the term has an entirely different meaning in the US. Their announcement is a good read with thoughts on keeping art interesting and yes, new music. I’m having a bit of an adjustment period to their new sound, but you can still count me in for their next tour. What do you think?

Pop Etc. – Everything Is Gone

Smarten up your downtime wardrobe.

Let’s cut to the chase, I’m in love with this loopback jersey hoodie from Saturdays Surf NYC. It couldn’t be more perfect for summer nights. Available for $120 on the always consistent, Mr. Porter.

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