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I’m going to this and you’re not going to stop me

Isn’t it a great feeling when there’s an event you feel was created with you in mind? I mean it probably wasn’t, but that’s how I feel about The San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival. While it is still a Kickstarter project, the premise of combining laughs and burritos for a three day festival in October is nothing short of brilliant to me. I’m not exactly sure how this will play out, but I’m hoping I’ll be afforded the opportunity to be served a burrito at my seat and choke because I’m laughing so hard. As all good Kickstarter projects do, there’s an awesome video and quirky rewards for your pledges. For just $1, one of the organizers will picture you naked… you know, if you’re into it. C’mon people, let’s fund this one. Thanks Laurel Kate for the tip!

The best use for an old bike.

All my die-hard bike friends (i.e. all of Brooklyn, Portland and San Diego) are drooling over this. Could this bike-sink be the single greatest recycled use we’ve ever seen? You be the judge as the jury is in the comments.

Get Larry David to join Twitter by bribing his favorite charity.

Charity Bribes is nothing short of brilliant. As they say, “Bribing celebrities to do a little awesome for a lot of good.” Similar to Groupon and Kickstarter, you pledge some cash and if the goal is met, the money goes to listed charity. And while you’re waiting, submit ideas for future bribes. The current bribe is to get funny-man Larry David to join Twitter in return for donating to his favorite charity, NRDC. It’s a genius play that I couldn’t resist.

Spring forward with BAGGU

We’ve always had hearts for BAGGU, but their spring line has me crushing even harder. I love that they’ve branched out from the (still awesome) reusable Nylon bags, and into leather pouches and canvas cases for valuables and tiny treasures. The new, bright colors totally remind me of water balloon fights in the park, dripping Popsicles and Wang Chung. If you live in San Diego, Pigment has a decent selection, but you can also order via the World Wide Web or email them to find a store near you. Dear other bags: I like BAGGUs more than you.

I can’t take my eyes away from this…

I have no clue who this man is or the context of this photograph but I absolutely love it. He seems like such an awesome dude to travel in space with. Or play Xbox.

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