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When Creatives COLLIDE

While hundreds of San Diegans flock to the middle of nowhere to party with Snoop Dogg this weekend, the rest of us will be getting our fun on right here in this neck of the woods. Our homies at Sezio and LWP Group are joining forces this Saturday for one intimate evening of art, music and awesomeness at the newly revamped Community @ Carnegie building in East Village. There might not be any spilling of crystals at COLLIDE, but we will be gettin’ down on some local craft beer and cocktails, as well as some tasty morsels from the best food truck in our fair city.

Oh, and did I mention the sickest lineup of local artists will be there too? I mean, if this sneak peek of the EXIST1981 installations and giant Carnegie stencil doesn’t get you pumped, you should probably pack your headbands and moccasins, and hitch a ride to Indio this weekend instead.

RSVP and get more deets here.

Holiday Matinee’s April Mixtape!

This month’s mix has a few more oldies than we usual, but hey, we never intended to make playlists entirely of buzz bands. You should probably just click play already, but if you must know, we’ve got tracks from Kilo Kish, St. Lucia, Nada Surf, Tribes and more, kicked off by an inspiring speech from a goddamn champion.

Tag Your Own Truck

I loved playing with trucks as a little kid. And while I’m certainly not about to spend any loot on a Hess truck, I’d consider this Chinatown Dream Truck that’s made for tagging up. It doesn’t have the thrill of actual vandalism, but hey, I never needed to go that far to express myself.

Bottle caps + beautiful logos = this!

Why can’t all bottle caps inform if they’re a twist off or not? I love this.

A business card that trumps all business cards.

Creative director Jeff Nicholas is out to trump all business cards. I’ve never met the man but clearly there is no fucking around when it comes to the passion he has toward his craft. For added measure, the guy’s motto for his creative agency  is “We make cool shit.” Yup, I can get down with that. Definitely impressed with their work, aesthetic, sick pad and affection for Cal Ripken, Jr.

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