Architectural awesomeness: OH.NO.SUMO’s Stairway Cinema

Loving this installation from Kiwi experimental design collective OH.NO.SUMO called “Stairway Cinema”. The idea is to explore the way architecture can engage us in exciting ways. Basically, they project a short movie in a public space – i.e. the Stairway Cinema – for anyone to enjoy while waiting for the bus to come or their laundry to finish up. Individual entertainment is exchanged for a communal activity, leading to a richer, shared experience. I’m way down with getting people unplugged from their headsets and connected together – aren’t you? While most are looking to build start-ups that link us virtually, there are still a few people out there who value the power of literally bringing people together. Let’s stop just staring at our mobile phones and start participating in the real world. Check out their site to learn more.