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The best direct mail campaign I’ve ever seen.

There’s still something totally awesome about opening your mailbox and seeing you have mail. However, more than likely it’s a piece of shit waste of direct mail. Thankfully, to combat this disappointment, an agency has found a way to reinvent one of the most traditional marketing techniques around. And we couldn’t be happier. [thanks to SZ for the find]

If we actually used snail mail, these stamps would be great.

Gotta love these beautifully designed postage stamps being released for tonight’s kick-off in London. It’s a clever way to bridge an Olympic sport with an English landmark. Too bad no one sends things in the mail anymore. I suppose they’d make a great collector’s item. But wait, do people still collect stamps? Either way, these are dope and you should check out these images here¬†and then think about where your nearest post office might be.

Holiday Matinee’s July Mixtape!

We’ll kick this month’s mixtape off with a former Blue Man Group “standby” poking fun at double standards. Other than that, you’ll find new and old tracks by Danny Brown, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Dracula Palms, Jonti and more!

p.s. Not seeing the tape since you’re on your mobile device and Steve Jobs hated Flash? You can listen to what’s available through Spotify here.

Two simple phrases to guide you

“Love your work. Work your love.” “Do More Fun Stuff.” These are two simple phrases we remind ourselves of anytime we’re in a rut and why we’re introducing them as creative posters to hang in your workspace and home. It’s great inspiration while working on a project or to show someone else you really believe in their creativity. Honestly though, we’d be just as stoked for you to share these sayings with one person that means a shitload to you. The designs are available for print on the Society6 marketplace and we’ve tried them ourselves to make sure the quality’s there. Plus, you can nab FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING by ordering now thru Sunday.

Handmade typography by Dave Brown and Dylan Ousley.

What do you use to get stuff done?

So I’ve been killing my time the past few days trying to read all the interviews on this website called The Setup. It’s just a collection of “nerdy interviews” but the concept is genius: find out what inspiring people (like writers, hackers, designers and musicians) use to get stuff done. Now instead of just aimlessly wandering the likes of Pinterest or Fab, you could find out what real creatives like to use and, more importantly, why they use it. Marx’s commodity fetishism aside, you have to admit it’s all sorts of wonderful. Just don’t blame me if you end up spending a ton of money based on all the cool stuff you hear about.


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