We’re living on the brink of the future.

I’m not often “rendered speechless” by short films I see on YouTube, but this one requires I use such a cliché. It’s called “Networked Society, On the Brink” and deals with the past, present and future of connectivity. I highly recommended you check it out – its packs an information punch that breathes optimism. Although just a small picture of what networked society looks like today, it touches upon things like borderless opportunities in today’s globalized world, new open business models, plants that talk to us, 11 year old entrepreneurs, the future of creativity and much, much more. It also features interviews with founders from eye-catching companies like Flickr, EVE and Soundcloud. And if all that wasn’t enough to entice you, it’s also incredibly visually stunning. You’ll really see how these new technologies sprouting up offer infinite possibilities for us. Impressed would be an understatement; it makes me want to go out and create something new and exciting right now. Take 20 minutes to watch and learn how far we’ve come in 15 years.