Tunes on the Move: A Trolley Show

If there’s one thing San Diego isn’t known for, it’s our stellar metro transportation, but occasionally, MTS steps up to the plate. Such is the case with A Trolley Show, a transit tribute to Take Away Shows. Originally a guerilla project, the Rowlberto Productions team now boasts public transportation permission and Pizza Parlay support. Promoting local creativity since early 2012, “A Trolley Show demonstrates that people can create art literally anywhere, and we hope it sparks new and interesting ideas” says co-creator Andrew Rowley. Here’s my favorite from The Burning of Rome, but swing by their site for more transportation treasures from Little Hurricane, Maren Parusel and The Wombats, just to name a few. It’s safe to say that “catching a moving performance” now joins “not wearing pants” on our list of fun things to do aboard the San Diego Trolley.