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Ideas for those Instagram pics: Instapparel + Plywerk

Ever since I started spending a decent amount of time posting Instagram pics, I’ve been checking out the many print services that have sprung up. Sharing online is great, but if it’s a tangible item I had a part in creating it’s even better. Here are two services I’m digging right now and after a quick email, both companies were rad enough to hook us up with some special codes for you guys.

Instapparel – For $20 (shipping included), this Orange County-based shop lets you design a tee with photos from your Instagram account. Add one to sixteen images to the shirt and customize things like shirt color, image size and opacity (the images, not your shirt girl). Here’s one I made of photos of my trip to Alaska and the quality was totally great. I’m hoping they eventually add a black shirt to their inventory so I can design a shirt with some crisp b&w shots.

Enter code “HOLIDAYMATINEE” for 25% off.

Instapparel shirts

Instapparel shirt design

Plywerk – I haven’t actually ordered from them yet, but was drawn in by the idea of my Instagram photos mounted on eco-conscious bamboo and wooden panels from this Portland-based company. It looks like high quality stuff and I really like the idea of breaking a larger image up and ordering split panels.

Enter code “HM20” for 20% off.


Plywerk Panels

Still looking for more ideas for those Instagram pics? Check out these posts on Stickygram magnets and PostalPix prints.

Changing the world, one invisible bicycle helmet at a time.

There’s something so badass about two people totally re-imagining a product that has only slightly changed since its wide adoption in the ‘70s. Add in a dash of community skepticism and an industrial design master thesis, and you’ve got yourself a revolutionary recipe! After Swedish helmet laws got more strict, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin decided the world was ready for an invisible bicycle helmet that people actually wanted to wear. Many said it was impossible, which pushed them to prove everyone wrong. Seven years (and many middle fingers) later, the Hövding is here. While the price tag doesn’t favor budgetarians, safety has never been sexier.

Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Images: Hövding

The USB Typewriter: “A retro-futuristic marvel”

Watch and see where the future of desktop computing lies! Like commentm0nster eloquently put it, the USB Typewriter is a hipster’s wet dream. It’s a regular USB keyboard that allows you to type onto a desktop, laptop or tablet with no special software necessary. While there’s been a ton of these retro/modern mash-ups before, this one tops the cake in terms of “out-of-the-box” thinking. Love that it allows for an “authentic experience” – props for channeling creativity with a bit of humor. A groundbreaking invention, I must agree. Ridiculous or way cool in terms of actual use? I’m on the fence.

* Bonus points to the inventor for including an empty cup of coffee in the video.

2012 Outside Lands Recap!

Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending Outside Lands for Holiday Matinee. And since everyone’s been asking me “How was it? Did I dig it?” In a word, helltotheyes. If the festival offered nothing else, you really can’t go wrong with a lineup that includes Beck, Sigur Rós, Jack White (check out this surprise set) and Stevie Wonder, but there was plenty more that made Golden Gate Park the place to be for 72 hours.

2012 Outside Lands Recap

Much to any local’s amusement who is familiar with SF weather, some ladies peppered the crowds in Daisy Duke shorts and tanks like it was Coachella. Heck, one girl wore a open leather jacket with nipple tape. True, the days started warm, but as the clouds and Karl The Fog rolled in, it made me wonder how many hoodies and blankets the festival sold to out of towners. PayPal sponsored the brilliant idea of festival lockers for the weekend (only $5-10 for all 3 days!), but those quickly sold out to the most prepared festival-goers.

As for the tunes, it’s excruciating painful sometimes to discover we still haven’t figured out teleportation and I pretty much had to miss some acts I really wanted to check out. Father John Misty was a consensus favorite among just about anyone who saw him, although I happened to miss that set. Personal highlights for me included Reggie Watts explaining what a festival’s for, YACHT’s energy (plus our interview), The Kills’ badass bandana-clad percussionists and the media tent dance party for two hours of Stevie Wonder.

2012 Outside Lands Recap

Festival food was delish and I ate like I was about to hibernate for the next 4 months. Fried chicken sandwiches, fresh poke, veggie wraps, pizza, burritos, tots and mulled cider – how could I not when everything was local fare from area restaurants? While last year’s tree house fort and swing was sorely missed, I dug the smaller stage nestled in the woods for folksy/bluegrass tunes. And if your timing was just right like mine, you may have even caught a mime funeral. This area of the festival only got better at night when the lights and kicked up dust made everything look magical.

2012 Outside Lands Recap

With year five of Outside Lands in the books, it’s established itself as one of the premiere US music festivals. Check out our full Outside Lands photo gallery and previous coverage too!

Do-Tell: YACHT [interview]

If you’ve had the chance to see Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans, but didn’t, stop that nonsense right now. My first time was FYF last year and ever since I heard about the promise of the Western Utopian American Triangle and saw Claire scaling a giant speaker with an LA Metro train passing behind at twilight, I knew I needed to have a chat with them. I was psyched to get my chance at Outside Lands this year and the duo was just as friendly and intriguing as I imagined. We talked very little music (they get enough of that), but we did prattle on about aliens, the perfect day, science and how they’re inadvertently tapped into luxury boating culture. Have a listen to my YACHT interview below and you’ll like them even more than you already do. Pinky swear.

YACHT Interview
Photo by Jenn Farmer

YACHT Interview

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