PARK(ING) Day 2012: This Friday!

If there’s one event I’ve grown to love over the past few years it’s PARK(ING) Day. If you aren’t already saying “Hell yeah!”, it’s an annual worldwide event started by Rebar where city dwellers demonstrate the need for more public green space by creating mini-parks in metered parking spots.

People get really creative with it. Some spots feature free bicycle tune-ups, live music or a spot to get your hair did. Others use the opportunity to create a more traditional park. Holiday Matinee has participated in PARK(ING) Day for a few years and it’s always been an amazing day filled with hi-fives, making strangers smile and minor controversy with people that hate fun. I still laugh at the time my buddy Zack and I got called lazy hippies for organizing a little fun with our friends.

There won’t be an official Holiday Matinee spot this year with the team spread out in NY, SF, SD and London but I do know our pals at Sezio will be doing PARK(ING) Day 2012 proud in San Diego and I’ll be cruising round San Francisco to visit as many of the spaces I can that day. Yes, we all have work on Friday, but take the time to visit the mini-park(s) in your city (peep the map here) and keep an eye on the #parkingday Instagram tag to follow the action. It’s totally worth it and will get your weekend started right.

Parking Day 2012 poster