Let’s be real, Google’s Nexus 7 isn’t the tablet you’re looking for.

Tablets are hot shit these days. Amazon, Samsung, Sony, Apple and now Google. So look, even though I’m still drinking the Apple kool-aid, I was pretty excited to deviate from the path and try out Google’s new iPad killer. Design-wise, I was totally impressed. It’s about half the size of an iPad and the leather back makes for an incredibly comfortable fit in your hand. Actually, I found this to be my favorite thing about the Nexus 7. But once I went under the hood, I was reminded just how awesome Apple’s iOS software is. Navigating the apps or trying to find the latest episode of Suits on Google Play was a total chore. All in all, Google wins for impressive hardware design (even the packing was impressive) but falls massively short on the software side (aka making this device impractical). Bottom line: Hold out for the iPad mini.