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Artifact Uprising makes beautiful Instagram books

My pal Lisbeth recently tipped me off to Artifact Uprising, a site that lets you craft softcover books from your Instagram photos. There’s probably a whole bunch of options for that nowadays, but judging from a first look, these ones have that wow factor. I’m a fan of softcover square books to begin with and while I’m not a paper connoisseur, I do know recycled Mohawk is a solid choice on quality.

My only problem now is the overwhelming number of uses I have for this sort of thing. Gifts for best buddies, mementos of my bold adventures and a swish lookbook are all possibilities. Prices are super affordable and start at $10.99 for a 40 page 5.5 inch book, with options for hardcover and non-Instagram photos too. Well, I think I’ll go make one about my first year in San Francisco now. I’ll update this post to let you know how it comes out.

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising

What’s your morning commute look like?

It’s 7:30AM. Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze. Eventually, you roll out of bed. You put some clothes on (I hope) and you walk out the door. Where you going? Do you jump in a car, blast some Bieber and hit the road? Or maybe you put on some gloves, jump on a fixie and begin cruising.

The other day, one of my coworkers, Andy Yates, sent out this interesting e-mail that has made me rethink the way I picture our morning commute…

Could you please take a photograph whilst traveling to work one day this week? And then email it to me, with [Morning Commute] in the subject line. That’s it…

A simple idea. And, tons of e-mails later, a large collection of photos illuminating our individual daily routine, the human element behind the beginning to every business day. To me, this was a brilliant way to visualize what it means to work in a globalized world, how we all may be busy running around the same planet but are seeing it from a different perspective. A small seed idea was planted, and a tree grew – the blog now has hundreds of photos on it. I love how some people sent in snapshots of their literal transport, like a bike ride (or airplane ride, for some), while others sent things they stopped to admire, like a set of flowers.

You can see some examples below, but take a peak at all the photos on the experiment’s blog, Morning Commute. Try this project with some of your friends or coworkers – you don’t have to work at a global consultancy to kick off an interesting concept piece like this. All it takes is a little initiative, a fun idea and a blog. What’s your morning breakfast look like? Who are the randoms you see on your everyday walk?

Start exploring the world around you – and see the world through a different set of eyes.

Memoto: A wearable camera that takes two photos every minute of your life

Not to be confused with utterly absurd, the Memoto is a tiny wearable camera that shoots two geotagged photos every minute of your life. That’s right, there’s no such thing as privacy anymore so bust out the wallets and support their Kickstarter.

Holiday Matinee’s October Mixtape!

We dig Halloween. Maybe we’re past the candy obsession, but it’s that time of year for haunted houses, horror films and ridiculous costumes in public. It’s also a good time to revisit the hilarious photos at Nightmares Fear Factory. This mixtape doesn’t have a whole lot to do with Halloween besides looking like we dug it up from a cemetery, but it does have some great tracks by The Coup, Class Actress, Pavement and more. We hope it makes your ears happy and if you do make it to the end, there’s a bonus Halloween song waiting for ya.

Donuts can do absolutely everything and more

Donuts make me happy and seeing this illustration by Lisa Congdon makes me even happier. This illustration is a part of her personal project, 365 Days of Hand Lettering. I found it when she published her first illustration, but I just re-discovered it as I was browsing the interwebs and now I’m reading every single quote and keeping mental notes about my favorites. If you browse the collection, you may find some quotes to add to your repertoire of enlightened things to say.

Donuts by Lisa Congdon

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