Made by Hand shows you the hands behind the handmade.

I love finding beautiful and inspiring projects that focus on the nitty gritty, that poetry in what some consider the prosaic. Made by Hand is a relatively new short film series that was created out of the belief that “the things we collect, consume, use, and share are part of who we are as individuals.” Their films explore where things came from, celebrating the people behind the work and the process in which goods are made. Each short aims to promote local and sustainable goods, while focusing on the human effort put behind the craft itself. Washed in black and white, it’s perfectly aligned to our motto of “Love your work, work your love” in that it’s a glimpse into the life of those who truly love their craft. You can watch one of my favorites, The Distiller, below. Check out their site for the entire collection of videos. All you cycling fans may want to stay tuned for their next film… The Bike Maker.