Fallen Superheroes: The Photo Shoot You Wish You Were In?

You’ve probably thought about what powers you would have as a superhero. Extraordinary strength, speed, psychic powers? Hell, I’ll take what I can get – even Ma-Ti’s heart power in Captain Planet. It wasn’t until leafing through Fallen Superheroes though that I wish I had suited up as my own unique superhero and been shot in all my imperfection.

Fallen Superheroes cover

Fallen Superheroes is a photography book showing us the awkward, vulnerable and less glamorous side to failed superheroes. Artie from The Adventures of Pete & Pete would fit in perfectly. They are heroes with special healing powers emanating from over-sized feet. Heroes too self-conscious to fight crime when gum is stuck to their boots.

Each sesh of this project yielded several keeper photos and is accompanied by captions in which the authors play photo association (the caption is the first thing that came to mind when looking at the photo) or tell a unique backstory that was dreamt up during the shoot.The photography is impressive. One might assume that a studio or heavy editing was involved, but all photographs are really just the work of lighting master Eric Curtis using strobe lights and our favorite star with minimal color correction and touch-ups.

Fallen Superheroes

Fallen Superheroes

This is the type of coffee table book that will catch your friends’ eyes and cause conversation to spiral off into spontaneity. But aside from showing off to pals, I found it fascinating to revisit how this project was created (in the introduction) after going through the entire series. It creates a whole new appreciation for the project and had me wishing Hollywood would put the common superheroes to rest and concentrate on a film about these guys and gals.