Do-Tell: Mark Kaigwa, Afrinnovator & AfroDigitalArt

Mark is one of the coolest guys to eat a sandwich with. I know that because I just recently ate a sandwich with him outside of PAWA254, a hub for visual creatives, journalists, & organizers across Kenya. We were both working at a Design Day for Human Rights in partnership with Amnesty International, and I got to pull him aside for a moment to talk about being a creative in Nairobi. I was really excited because Mark is a moving target, trying to pin him down is nearly impossible. The 24-year-old Nairobi-based creative consultant / filmmaker / entrepreneur / digital marketer is doing so many things I don’t know where to begin. He’s part of that 1% creating online digital material.

So, what has he been up to lately? Blogging on world-famous networks like Afrinnovator and AfroDigitalArt, co-writing an award-winning videogame for Warner Bros, and consulting for multi-national companies doing business in Africa. You know, the usual.

You can listen to our chat about working as a creative below. Be sure to check out his blog and follow him on Twitter to get some Africa in your stream.


Mark Kaigwa Interview (Mp3)