Welcome Home Endeavor

Do you ever take a look at the night sky, catch a glimpse of a beautiful moon, and think, “People have been there”? I do. I do it all the time. I am fascinated with space. It has been and remains this mysterious other-place that simultaneously elicits deep wonder and unbridled joy. In May of last year Space Shuttle Endeavor, the fifth and last NASA shuttle to be built, completed it’s final mission. It was its 25th flight. It helped us explore something greater than ourselves for 30 years. Then Endeavor came home. Just a few weeks ago while driving around LA we were able to look up into the bright blue sky and see Endeavor doing it’s last victory lap before being decommissioned and transported to the California Science Center. Along the way it made a nice 3-day, 12-mile journey through Inglewood and LA. I can’t help but wonder how many young boys and girls, so often ignored and forgotten because of their zip code, turned to their parents and said, “I want to be an astronaut.”

I’m 31. I want to be an astronaut someday too.

I find that night time walks and star-gazing sessions are best accompanied by the beautiful sounds of Explosions in the Sky. I suggest their aptly titled album The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place