A look at Skinny House and musing about how space affects creativity.

Jack Cheng has this great article in A List Apart talking about habit fields, the stored behaviors within a physical space. He posits,

By understanding these invisible forces and employing strategies to shape them, we can enjoy more frequent, sustained periods of flow.

Well-expressed, right? Invisible forces all around us. I know it sounds weird to think about, but it’s plain to see. Everywhere we inhabit there are and will be physical energy at work to influence and shape how we think.

The physical spaces where we live, the cafes where we hang out and the offices where we choose to spend our work days are the gatekeepers holding the hidden key to our creativity.

So, where do you draw your inspiration from? What does space mean to you?

I was thinking of all of this when I came across the Skinny House, a space by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny so small it’ll only fit one creative. Talk about locking yourself away for a creative burst – it’s just 4 feet wide.

I’m really fascinated by the concept, but the question remains: would I live in a house that was a prison of invisible forces? And if I did, how would it affect me? Well, what about you? Could you live in this house? And what would that do to your creative flow?

You can read more about the house on design milk. Hat tip to Caroline Williamson for the discovery!