Do-Tell: Bahwee, HUH WHAT & WHERE

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a tiny shift going on in music distribution right now. It’s been happening for years but it’s finally reared its beautiful head. I’m talking, of course, about self-produced music and marketing.

No one better exemplifies the power of cross-channel musical experiences and promotion then the Huh, What and Where crew. The once Southern California, now global, collective of artists are the paradigm of online collaboration and ideation, an Apollian collective of full-stack artists who cross the territories occupied amongst designers, producers and managers. They began as a group of friends producing music out of their college dorm rooms, a bunch of 20-somethings just making music about “women, life & feeling (or lack thereof)”. As they describe it, it’s a label that’s been created by a artists for artists – “nothing too deep”. Nonetheless, their authenticity and packaging is so refreshing, their energy and output incredibly addictive.

Since 2010, I’ve been constantly impressed by their growth. Today, they boast a large and popular roster, featuring acts from New York City trapstar SWEATER BEATS to Australian beatsmith Ta-ku. In addition to the producers, there’s also the researchers, the DJs, the art directors and the bloggers who collaborate in order to make this all happen. Their music reminds of you good ole 90s R&B, something that often’s great for bumping while driving around town or chilling out with friends at the pad, while their style is something only the millennial generation could generate and remix.

One of the original artists out of the talented bunch is a producer named Bahwee, an artist known for delivering sexy downtempo and chill-hop tracks like Peach Flavored and Hard to Win (featured below).

While I could tell you his whole life story, or go on and on about how good his music is, I thought I’d just let the man speak for himself and share with you some of his thoughts around work and play.

Favorite artist right now?

HW&W, Wedidit, GBE, MMG, and Jeremih.

What’s the best type of place to produce?

A big table to put all my equipment on, a comfortable ass chair, mad inspiration covering the walls, and a lot of weed smoke in the air. Oh and boxes of Jordans laying around. This is my room, basically.

How important do you think focus is?

How important do I think focus is? It took me a couple years to understand what focus and “work” really means, but for an artist I think its everything. But just because your focused doesn’t mean people are gonna feel it though.

How do you know when it’s time to try something new?

I know when its time to try something new when I get bored, which happens often. I get over shit pretty quickly, almost too quickly.

What’s next for HW&W?

Man we are literally just getting started. 2013 will be a big year for us…we got a lot up our sleeves… Without giving too much away just expect more records, more merch, videos, shows, etc… 2013 will be the first year where as a label we start really putting it all together.

You can listen to HW&W releases on their bandcamp. Check out Bahwee’s music on soundcloud and like him on Facebook to follow his updates. Below, check out “Hard to Win” below:

Bahwee – Hard to Win