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Fruit Powered Light

I don’t remember exactly where or when I saw the work of experimental photographer Caleb Charland. What I do remember is being in awe of his still works that combined a bit of science, a bit of art, and huge scoop of wonder. Over the last year Caleb has been experimenting with using various types of fruit powered light that he captures with long exposure photographs. They’re wonderful pieces that remind us that there’s still beauty in science.

My hope is that this work affirms that even within the well tested laws of science there are, and must always be, pathways to reinterpretation and discovery.

Make sure to check out more of his great work, especially his earlier Demonstrations series.

Fruit Power

Fruit Power 2

Disco balls can be introverted too

If disco balls were people, they would probably be the most extroverted social butterflies ever. Fortunately, artist Frank Hülsbömer kept the introverts in mind when he created a less flashy version of the disco ball. This is one of several fascinating projects in which he treats things like objects of play.

Disco balls can be introverted too

Pursue your dreams!

Today, a short yet important reminder from Neil Gaiman: you don’t have to listen to anybody who says “You can’t.”  You can, and should. Pursue your dreams – whatever that may be. That’s because you (yes, you) fucking rock. You’re a unique, special snowflake. And I don’t mean that in the way everybody else does when they say it. I mean it in the Neil Gaiman way. Check out what he has to say below. He says it much more eloquently than I ever could…

I Am Not A Hipster.

Well over a year after watching the taping in person, I finally got my copy of I Am Not A Hipster, a feature film starring some familiar faces in San Diego’s indie music scene. This movie isn’t a diatribe against use of the term hipster. In fact, it’s used sparingly if at all in the film.

I Am Not A Hipster

What it is about is an up-and-coming indie singer/songwriter transplant from Ohio mourning the loss of his mother and how it has affected his art and relationships. Besides the familiarity I had with the scenery (San Diegans may recognize that The Casbah, Coronado Beach, San Diego Velodrome and the Habitat House are prominent filming locations) the story hit home for me as someone who has also lost a mother at a similar age. Despite how much I hated main character Brook’s attitude throughout the story, there is a forgiveness felt when his experiences help him grow closer to his family and friends. Also very interesting to me was how musician and pal Joel P West collaborated with lead actor Dominic Bogart to lend his character music for the film.

I’m no movie critic but I do recommend this movie to any indie music fan. You’ll see why it was chosen as a Sundance Festival official selection and a top ten pick by Rolling Stone. Check out the trailer below and if it’s piquing your interest, you can rent/purchase the film however you prefer here starting today.

Virtual reality. Literally.

This one’s for all of you who really loved N64’s Mario Kart. That should mean everyone.

These self-proclaimed cowboy engineers from WaterLoo Labs decided they liked the game so much that they wanted to play it away from controller. We don’t just mean imaginary “playing” it, like that “Real Life Mario Kart” video that came out two years ago. We’re talking real Mario Kart elements – materialized. In physical life.

They walk you through the “build” and then actually race. It’s fucking ridiculous, and we’re loving every moment. Check out the DIY awesomeness below. Wahaaa!

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