Spoken words as jewelry

Even with modern day communications, you can’t always hear someone else’s voice. These days, more people text or type than call or (god forbid!) show up unannounced at your front door. The Sound Advice Project has a clever solution. In an intersection of technology, communications, art and jewelry, they’ve created custom bracelets rendered from 3D soundwaves — the bracelet’s shape is determined by the waveform of the spoken message it conveys.

The Sound Advice Project is a teen anti-drug abuse initiative aimed at getting parents and teens to talk more openly. The organization’s goal with the bracelets was to get parents to send their kids messages of empowerment. I came across them thanks to MAKE: Craft, but the post was a few years old, and further research didn’t help in determining whether or not their project is still alive. You can watch a video here about their campaign.

While I applaud the Sound Advice Project for their admirable efforts, I think this idea is just awesome in and of itself. Maybe I’m just narcissistic, but I love the idea of having someone wear an encoded message from me on their wrist. Hopefully the group decides this is a worthy commercial effort, because I have secret messages I need to record.