The Makeshift Society story

We’ve been big fans of co-working ever since Jelly and our desks in San Diego’s HiveHaus, but it’s always great to see new spaces popping up with their own take on a home for creatives. When I got word of Makeshift Society opening up late last year in San Francisco, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Though I’ve only recently begun to make consistent visits, I’ve been thrilled by the affordable membership, comfy decor and how awesomely friendly all the members have been. I really do feel like I’m hanging at a clubhouse for creatives, especially when I can climb up a ladder into a loft!

Benefits include office hours advice, a lending library, workshops and monthly mixers where you’re sure to meet 4-5 really interesting people like I did last week. If you’re a freelancer or contractor in the Bay, or just need to get away from the office routine and collaborate with some fresh faces, I recommend checking out Makeshift. In the meantime, watch out this video for the full scoop on what it’s all about. Big ups to Rena Tom, Victoria Smith and Suzanne Shade for making it happen.

Makeshift Society
Photo by SF Girl By Bay

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