A little necktie history for you

It’s really weird sometimes to think about how traditions start. Take the modern necktie. Louis XIV was supposedly impressed by some Croatian mercenaries and because of that, we now wear them as office attire or to dress up. I’m not complaining, us guys look good in them, but it’s just strange that’s the norm because of some dude that looked like this. Oh, necktie history.

I’m not sure when tie clips came into play, but they can be a cool accessory, especially if they’re designed to celebrate a special event. I’m digging these ones by Bird of Virtue which can be custom made with initials or other designs. What’d be really cool is if airport employees who have to wear ties as part of a uniform got three letter initials of the airport they work at. That or you could pick them up as keepsakes from all the places you travel.



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