Midnight Mystery rides are the shit.

Midnight Mystery rides are quickly becoming one of my favorite things in San Francisco. Every third Saturday of the month SF Midnight Mystery Ride posts a meeting location. Cyclists of all ages and abilities gather at the meeting spot just before midnight and are led by organizers on a route unknown by anyone else. You’re led to a secret location, sometimes making stops along the way. And at the end there’s always some form of surprise entertainment waiting at the end. In my two rides I’ve been treated to an outdoor film screening, live music and fire dancing. Not bad, right?

These rides are great because there’s that element of discovery. You’ll stop to take pictures. Jam out because someone brought a boombox. Share snacks and swigs of whiskey with strangers. You’ll find yourself in a part of the city you’ve never bothered to go before and you never know what’s in store at the end because it’s different every time. The only constant is meeting rad new people and returning home in the wee hours of the morning telling yourself it was completely worth it.

Midnight Mystery rides are starting to pick up in cities across the world. But my hope is that every city with a sizable population starts having them. If you hate surprises, spontaneity and feel like you gotta have control over the situation, don’t bother showing up. But if you just wanna get down and ride bikes with awesome people, watch this video and make sure you’re there at the next meeting of the Midnight Society.

Midnight Mystery Ride in SF