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Wayne White has a way with words

Wayne White (former designer for the TV show Pee-wee’s Playhouse) does spectacular word paintings. In my future home, I want the “NO” painting above the fireplace mantle. Take that, Tumblr people who just layer text in Helvetica on pictures of nebulas!

Wayne White

Wayne White

Wayne White

Wayne White

Under Consideration Quarterly? Don’t mind if I throw money at the screen.

Under Consideration Quarterly is the brain (super) child of the fine folks at Under Consideration. The idea is simple: take the best stuff they ever post on their foursome of fabulosity (Art of the Menu, Brand New, For Print Only, and Quipsologies) and put it all in printed issues you can touch, smell, taste, whatever it is you enjoy doing with books made out of paper nowadays. What’s also neat is that they know people don’t like to read stuff, so each issue only contains project images and their titles. Isn’t that awesome? Now look at the pictures below and don’t tell me you’d rather spend your money on a new iPad sleeve.

Under Consideration Quarterly Under Consideration Quarterly Under Consideration Quarterly Under Consideration Quarterly

Holiday Matinee’s April Mixtape!

Damn. There’s always new music coming out, but it seems like we’re getting really lucky lately. This month’s mixt has new tracks from Small Black, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., The National, Mayer Hawthorne and more. Click here or on the tape below for 53 minutes of jams we’re loving right now.


Hip-hop isn’t just music. It’s community.

Jay Shell’s “Rap Quotes” project is great on so many levels. It’s an art installation popping up over an entire city, a quest to install rap lyrics across each neighborhood of the Big Apple. Basically, Jay attaches official-looking signs as an homage to lyrics that correlate with a spot.

To me, the best part is that it’s a participatory event. The artist interacts with the local environment, while the community gets a chance to talk, tag or tear down each quote. Continuous loop of discussion, centered around hip-hop and the community. I guess that’s what’s beautiful about hip-hop in general: it always about the community.

Below, a few snaps of the quotes and a video of Jay installing them. You can support the project by purchasing a t-shirt on Jay’s website.




Less whining, more hugs.

It’s hard to argue with the sentiment here. As I’m sure you’ve experienced, being around a whiner, complainer or frequent frowner is tough. It reminds me of advice that someone a lot smarter than me once said, it’s so important to surround yourself with positive people who challenge you in really great ways. It’s so true and this design is a great reminder. Hugs and smiles trump whiners and complainers any day of the week. Grab it for $15 here.

No Whining

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