Rkives I can get excited about

If you haven’t been following along since the original announcement, Rilo Kiley released Rkives today, an archival record featuring seven unreleased tracks and other rarities. Though some will undoubtedly sneer that it’s a not an entirely new body of work, as a fan I gladly welcome anything I haven’t heard from a band I have such fond memories of and had the chance to meet (well, just Blake). Maybe it was my age, where I was in my life and a myriad of other factors, but I feel like this band shaped the type of music I’m into and may always relish.

To me the record doesn’t sound at all like a last ditch effort to rake up some cash, but perhaps a willingness to reminisce and share some great times. The video for Let Me Back In definitely worked its nostalgic power on me and I’m also really digging some of the “new” material, two tracks of which you can stream down below. It might be wishful thinking that they’d even consider getting back together for a tour, but I’m a dreamer and would always welcome them back. What about you?

If you’re interested in what you hear, you can skip iTunes and pick up Rkives at Little Record Company or your local record store. Apple doesn’t really need any more of our money.

Rilo Kiley - Rkives

Rilo Kiley – It’ll Get You There

Rilo Kiley – Runnin’ Around