Sacred Economics changed my life

Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics changed my life. I know that’s high praise and I certainly wouldn’t have expected anything with economics in the title to do that for me, but it did. So what the hell is this book about that I’m raving over?

It’s about how our current money system is deeply troubled and how it has to change. How our perspective that any economic growth is always a good thing is actually degrading our quality of life. But most of all how a shift has already started, what we can do to prepare for it and why we should be stoked as ever that it’s happening.

Negative interest economics, artificial scarcity, gift culture. To be honest, it’s incredibly difficult for me to mention all the ideas covered in this book and I think it would be fruitless for me to try to explain it all here. What I will say is that there’s a great connection between all of this and moving people away from tedious work to allow them to do truly important work, the work that they love. It heals the planet and builds community. That’s something we’ve always been about encouraging.

Roughly halfway through the book I found myself applying what I learned from Eisenstein to my daily life. Though he doesn’t specifically ask the reader to do any of this, I found myself as insistent as ever to buy local, finally got involved with Kiva loans and continually asked myself how I could be more giving. These were ways I could participate in something I was really starting to believe in. I’m convinced the ideas in this book are important for more people to grasp if we’re serious about evolving and transitioning into a new and better era.The short film below is what originally motivated me to read the book, so that’s an excellent start to gauge whether you’d be interested in what Charles has to offer.

I found his writing engaging and was impressed that he took every opportunity to consider other viewpoints and his critics. If you do in fact want to take the next step, I will personally gift a hard copy to two readers that are excited to check this out. Just leave a Facebook comment below saying why you are psyched to learn more. You can also read the book online or pick up as a physical copy or eBook. Charles even has several TEDx talks and other titles that you may be interested in.

Sacred Economics