Southern California’s endless summer

A while back my friend Angella d’Avignon posted a series of photos on her Facebook labeled Southern California. They were wonderful. While I swear that every part of the world has its own unique lighting, I’ve always been drawn to the way photos from that part of the country look. It didn’t hurt that she shot on film and blends street photography with visions of endless summers, backyard gatherings and road trips – you know, some of my fondest memories.

So I asked Angella to pare down her collection to 50 favorites and to share and a bit about the series. You’ll find her answers below.






What do you love about photography?

I’ve always taken photos for sport and it comes and goes in my life (it can be very, very absorbing) but i’ve always relied on it as a therapeutic practice and a creative tool. It’s sort of like taking notes.

Who/what influences the style of photos you take?

I’m definitely inspired by the more noted street photographers from the 60s and 70s – William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Bruce Davidson, Gerry Winogrand, the pioneers if you will. And since Southern California is already such a beautiful landscape, San Diego especially, I found that I was drawn toward the smaller scenes and weird details and that taking a picture of them was a way to point them out and be active in observation.

What camera did you you shoot this series on?

All of these photos were taken with a Yashica FX-3 35mm SLR camera from the 70’s (found it at Amvets!) between Spring 2011-to present. It’s got a light leak and it’s beat up, but i love it. Plus I broke my Lomo LC-A that i carried around for 6 years, so it was time for something new (old).

Angella is also a contributor to Helmuth Projects and Sezio. If fifty shots wasn’t enough for you, check out her full series or her Instagram.