Do-Tell: Ray Potes, Hamburger Eyes

“I just like funny photos.” We all do, but Ray Potes is particularly good at taking them and the Hamburger Eyes zine he started with his brother has been making us laugh for years. If you haven’t ever thumbed through a copy, I highly recommend it. It’s sure to become a coffee table favorite among your friends.

I recently visited the Hamburger Eyes Epicenter in San Francisco to catch up with Ray and find out what he’s most excited about right now. In an age where startups are competing with their offices perks and gourmet meals, it was refreshing to see Hamburger Eyes keeps it real with video games, a jam room and a chamber where his alien Grey Grey restores his Argon levels. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d feel way more comfortable kicking it with Ray over a 24th St. burrito any day.

Click the photo below and have a listen.

Ray Potes, Hamburger Eyes

Bonus: Ray’s burrito recommendations in SF