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Fortune cookie pillow cases

We’ve given a shout out to Philly-based Xenotees before for their geometric pillow cases, but it deserves another for these fortune cookie pillow cases. I’ve always been tempted to get cookies made with my own weird fortunes, but these are the perfect combination of good advice and suggestiveness for the bedroom.



Choose Your Own Outdoor Adventure with The Tree Ring

The art of venue selection is not lost on The Tree Ring. From attics and dog parks to living rooms and museums, where you listen is just as important as what you’re listening to. This weekend’s (choose your own) adventure is sure to follow suit, as the quintet takes to the Laguna Mountains for their second Hike-In Show. There will be fantastic tunes, picnics with friends old and new, beautiful San Diego scenery and plenty of good times! Did I mention it’s free to park and attend? Yep, the woods are definitely calling your name.

The Tree Ring Hike-In Show

Here’s the video from their first Hike-In Show, which will totally inspire you to pack your favorite thermos and prepare to hit the trails with fellow explorers this Saturday.

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Warning! These signs want you to enjoy yourself.

The National Trust over here in England decided to freshen up their grounds by putting up placards telling visitors to – wait for it – have fun. The encouraging #NaturesPlayground campaign was designed by the clever folks over at TheCl!ck, a design agency who wanted people to enjoy the properties by integrating nature and social media. In a world oversaturated with unfriendly signs and obnoxious formalities, it’s a great reminder that things always look better through a positive lens. Few below, more on the design team’s site.

warning-signs-2 warning-signs3 warning-signs

Dollar Shave Club goes to battle with poo

Remember Dollar Shave Club’s first video that set the internet ablaze? After formulating their own shave butter, they’re back with another video for their latest product, One Wipe Charlies. I never thought I needed butt wipes before but this video’s changing my mind. Yeah bitch, butt wipes.

Don’t forget the cassette

Neil Stevens’ Don’t Forget the Cassette project happened because digital and vinyl get all the love. There was a time though when the songs off cassettes had us bopping along and dancing just like any other medium. We even sat around waiting for songs on the radio to capture our favorite songs.

As it turns out, old cassette art makes for wonderful prints. And while they aren’t for sale yet, Neil says “If the feedback of these prints is encouraging, I’ll make them available in my online shop very soon.” I hope you’ll join me and convince him here. [via Apartment Therapy]

p.s. For more cassette love, check out our monthly mixtapes.




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