A hypnotizing ode to the San Francisco fog

I’ve lived in San Francisco for six years. I came to the Bay Area because of school, but ultimately stayed for the way the city made me feel. The food. The old Victorian homes. Even the hipsters on fixed gear bikes. And, of course, the fog.

I used to hostess at a restaurant with windows that faced a hill leading to Sutro Tower, and every evening I’d watch as the fog rolled down the hill and enveloped the streets. When I moved into the Inner Sunset a few years later, I became close friends with the fog, who now has a Twitter alter ego and its own Instagram feed.

There’s something so mystical and otherworldly about fog; it transforms the landscape and transports you to another place completely. That feeling is captured in this time-lapse video that took Simon Christen two years to create. Press play, and let this be your moment of zen today.