High five to Nagoya!

BBQ anybody? lullatone’s got a new summertime EP – aptly titled “Summer Songs” – and it’s absolutely delightful. Perfect for, well, summer.

For those of you who missed our post last summer, lullatone is Shawn James and Yoshimi Seymour, a.k.a. the cutest couple in the world. They are melody designers based in Japan who make music characterised by lo-fi harmonies and childlike whispers. In a word? Lovely. Plus their sound is inspired by the likes of bossa nova and French 60’s pop. Seriously. What’s not to like?

Sit back, relax and enjoy a few carefree hours, thanks to summertime jams like this:

You can listen to the whole Summer Songs EP on bandcamp. According to Shawn, tracks are best paired with…

  • ice cold drinks (preferably in foam huggies)
  • poolside adventures
  • cruising on a skateboard (without too many technical tricks)
  • bonus juice at the bottom of your shaved ice
  • making a funny sound while walking around in flip flops
  • hammock naps
  • wishing you were wearing more clothes in the freezer section of the supermarket
  • eating way too much watermelon

My only question left is: which activity first?

Big thanks to Shawn and Yoshimi for the sneak peek. High five from Paris-New York-California.