Talking tech with Josh Spear

Josh Spear knows cool shit. As an investor in Path, Uber and Percolate and advisor to Behance and Stumble Upon, he’s created an empire being a cultural tastemaker. His latest venture, Valet offers handpicked guidance and benefits for the modern traveler. Curious (and envious) on how the fuck he manages it all, I shot Josh a few questions and asked he provide a quick snap of his setup.

Josh Spear

Even though email hasn’t really changed in years, which client do you use and any tricks you can share?

Apple Mail, IMAP setup. Hosted on Google. Folder/label to the max.

What are your top 5 mobile apps?

Path, Uber, Circa, Spotify, Letterpress.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Do what you love and the rest will follow.

What’s your go-to social media platform of choice and why?

Path, because I’m an investor and it’s closed/private.

Let’s talk cloud-computing for a sec. Do you backup your data and if so, where and how-often?

All of my email goes to Google. All my other files go to iCloud. I use Dropbox for projects where I’m collaborating with others.

What’s your favorite music service and why?

Spotify, it works flawlessly between my Mac, iPhone and iPad.

What’s your take on the popularity of second screen?

I usually watch TV with (or sometimes from) the iPad.

What’s your current tech set-up look like?

Macbook Air 13″ connected to 27″ Apple Cinema Display, 32GB iPhone 5, Kindle, Jawbone, Jambox.

Is there a specific method to tackling your daily workflow?

Inbox as to do list. Flags, labels, folders, and organize by from and subject.

What’s your go-to for watching video content?

Apple TV at home, iTunes when I’m on the go. Otherwise, it’s wherever has my show playing!

Browser wars – where’s your loyalty and why?

Chrome, fast.