Visual storytelling at its finest

I’ve been a big fan of VSCO for quite some time, but I just recently discovered their awesome Journal section through one of my favorite illustrators and HM homie, Marc Johns. As I slowly stumbled down the visual eye candy rabbit hole (it’s a thing), I started drooling over a magical series by Jason Travis, an Atlanta-based photog with a knack for storytelling. In Persona, Jason pairs photos of friends and strangers with their belongings in a diptych format, and I can’t. stop. scrolling. Maybe it’s my fascination with things organized neatly, my affinity for stunning photos, or my obsession with people watching, but I am HOOKED. Do yourself a favor and check out the 300+ others here.

Persona: Karla Jean Diptych

Persona: Mark Diptych

Images courtesy of Jason Travis