Is more urban farming part of our future?

Feeding the 13 million people of Tokyo is no easy task. Food used to come from a variety of sources, but since the Tohoku disaster, many residents are wary of eating food from local farmers that comes from north of Tokyo. Although radiation hasn’t been proven to be a widespread issue in the food supply, worries have caused more food to be shipped in, which isn’t the most efficient solution (both in freshness and cost).

One of very own OG writers, Nick Sugihara is in Tokyo right now and hopes to create a film to discover whether urban farming could be a sustainable solution, perhaps for more than just Tokyo. We’re super excited to see what he learns, but he does need a little help in making this project happen. Check out his trailer below and if you dig what you see, consider funding his Kickstarter, Growing City. There’s only 3 days left to back this project.