We’re giving away a Projecteo!

You might have seen it as a Kickstarter project late last year, but if you haven’t, Projecteo is a tiny projector for your Instagram photos. Simply connect your account, choose the photos you want to include and they’ll send you a projector along with your wheel of images. I recently got a chance to borrow one and was able to display images pretty clearly as large as 8 x 8 inches. It’s definitely a way fun way to show off your photos besides your smartphone and I’m feeling like Slinkachu has to use this for a drive-in movie scene.

The good folks over there are awesome enough to let us give away one, so we’re doing just that. To enter, just tell us what would be on your reel(s) in the comments below. We’ll pick a winner at random on Friday (or most likely just the comment that makes us laugh hardest).