Oliberte: looks good, does good.

Check out these sweet kicks called Oliberté from Africa. They not only look good, but they do good. Catrina owns a pair. Dave and I want a pair. In fact, our entire back-office (aka the Holiday Matinee e-mail chain) was raving about them the other day.




Pretty impressive story too: the shoes source materials from Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius and Liberia, then put them together with the goal of contributing to the development of a thriving middle class in Africa. Looks good, does good.

You know, just to get on my soapbox for a sec, I think Oliberte’s model is a much better way of supporting local economies then, say, TOMs (which many in the development community actually believe is harmful). Just think about it: buy-one-give-one isn’t a sustainable solution. Shoelessness has never been the problem. Poverty’s the problem. Not saying that Oliberte solves that, but economic empowerment is a step in the right direction…