Betabrand + Treasure Island make a baby

Treasure Island Music Festival is one of my fave fests in the country. It’s not too intense, has solid lineups (without drawing douchey crowds) and a mind-blowing view of San Francisco that even the artists stop to admire. Although it isn’t until October (Indian summer in the Bay), I’m already excited by this collab between Treasure Island and Betabrand on a windbreaker hoodie. They did everything right on this, allowing followers to vote on a few different designs before selecting a favorite. The result is a good-looking jacket devoid of event name/date and featuring a logo I’d be proud to sport anytime of the year. Let’s hope we see more interesting collabs between festivals and local businesses. We have enough big corporate partnerships as it is.

p.s. I just stopped by the shop to get my hands on the prototype and this isn’t your average windbreaker. It’s top-notch stuff. Pre-orders will save you 20%.