PARK(ING) Day 2013: Tomorrow!

Shame on me for almost forgetting. Tomorrow is PARK(ING) Day! While parklets have become super popular in San Francisco, tomorrow is the annual worldwide event started by Rebar for cities across the world to participate. Think as the critics may, this isn’t a day to slack off or be hippies (yes, we were actually called that once). It’s a harmless demonstration creating mini-parks in metered parking spots. The goal? To get people thinking about how much public space we give to automobiles, when perhaps it could be better used to promote community.



Over the years, we’ve seen lots of interesting spaces. A sixth grade class in San Francisco designed a space. Others provided free bicycle tuneups. We made several spaces with musical performances and invited everyone we knew to join us. It’s always been full of hi-fives, making strangers smile and educating the people that just don’t get why we care about our public space.

You may have work, but take the time to visit the mini-park(s) in your city (peep the map here) and keep an eye on the #parkingday Instagram tag to see what’s happening across the world.