Neighborhood Mixtapes: Batignolles, Paris

Welcome to Paris without the crowds.


This is Batignolles. According to Airbnb, Batignolles is ‘swiftly becoming the chic bohemian attraction of Paris’. Maybe that’s because of all the “bobos” living here (that’s the French version of hipsters – bohemian bourgeois).

Or maybe it’s because of the record shops and cheap wine bars…


Whatever the case, it might not seem as cool as you think if you didn’t look hard. You’d miss the tiny open air markets on the weekends or the large garden hidden far from the Metro near a small church. As Airbnb described it, it’s not the Notre Dame. And it doesn’t want to be.


Batignolles is an oasis for solitary people looking to kick back and get away from the tourists. I decided to create this playlist as an ode to my Batignolles. A sort of sonic haven for lonely days, inspired by a lovely little neighborhood.

Enjoy tracks from the likes of old school Charles Wilp alongside friends like southern California-based hip-hop producer Depakote. Like Batignolles, it’s a mix between trendy and chill, new and old.

p.s. Not seeing the tape above? Check out the mobile-friendly version here.