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You deserve to hear Spencer Owen

You know that feeling you get when an opener is so good that you kinda just wished they played the entire night? That’s exactly what happened to me last week with Oakland’s The Spencer Owen Timeshare. I met Spencer a while back through a mutual friend and since he was playing his first show in SF in forever, I decided to go. Man was I glad. Their short set was full of energy, catchy tunes, quirky mannerisms and vocals I’m totally envious of. Listen to one of the band’s newest tracks below and watch their Knock ‘N’ Rock performance to see what I mean. Venues, book this band!

DEAF: not your average magazine

Everybody’s talking about magazines these days. There’s AnOther, Dapper Dan, Kinfolk, Medium – the list goes on. But this new concept mag from German design firm Morphoria is different. Not your run-of-the-mill zine or any old glossy publication inked in lush writing and hip photos. It’s something else.

Instead, DEAF focuses on the culture of the German sign language community using augmented reality. You read that right. Looks good *and* does good. Check it out:

Source: VentureBeat

Holiday Matinee’s September Mixtape!

If you’re like us you’re thinking WTF, September’s nearly halfway through? But a month is just a month and instead of freaking out, we take it as a reminder we need to drop another mixtape on you. This month’s mix has music from Jessy Lanza, Twin Shadow, Teenage Burritos and more.

p.s. Not seeing the tape below? You’re probably on a phone or tablet, but just head here.

Habits Worth Making: Morning TED Talks

Fed up with how checking my phone/computer made me feel first thing in the morning (anxious, distracted), I knew I was ready for a change. I pressed myself to think of some alternatives for starting the day that are mindful and less compulsive. Taking a shower and getting dressed is a nice start (you are probably going to do that at some point anyways), but what else has the potential to make each day better?

Lately I’ve been experimenting with watching a TED talk each morning as I eat breakfast and before I tap into any form of communication. The thought is to start each day with some inspiration and set the tone for the day. I prefer to watch TED talks via Apple TV/Boxee since it eliminates the possibility of sneaking a peek at email or social networks. Plus, it’s much nicer on the big screen. I don’t pick out any talks beforehand or have a queue I’ve been meaning to watch (although you could if you like). I just watch whatever piques my interest at that moment in time.


I’ve stuck with my new habit for 2 weeks now and it’s been awesome. I start the day watching people talk passionately about a topic of their choice and always learn something new. It gets me in the mindset of doing the work I’m turned on by and funny enough, I’ve spent more time on the projects I love because of it.

So if you suspect your current routine isn’t optimal, I’d encourage you to give it a shot. It doesn’t have to be TED. Try the new Creative Mornings, a favorite podcast or a chapter of a book you’ve been meaning to read. What’s important is that you’re experimenting and finding out what’s best for you. If it doesn’t work out, you are always free to return to your old routine.


TED: Ideas Worth Spreading
Some recent faves: Be an artist, right now! and Where is home?
Creative Mornings

If you have other habits worth making or talks that have inspired you, do tell in the comments below. I can’t possibly cover them all!

Do-Tell: The Dodos [interview]

At First City Festival in Monterey, I caught up (and rode a carousel) with Meric Long and Logan Kroeber of The Dodos, who just released their latest record Carrier. My questions were a bit all over the place and we didn’t talk much music, but I hope that makes it a little more fun. Listen below as we talk house parties, Doritos, burritos, the SF tech scene and a couple of things they’re excited about. It was a pleasure hanging out with these dudes.


Photo by Jenn Farmer.

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