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Summer Camp for adults sounds tight.

You’re probably going to work all winter, so you definitely don’t want to fail summer. Well, that’s my rationale for snatching up a spot at Camp Grounded. Put on by the good folks at Digital Detox, Camp Grounded is a summer camp for adults and an escape from the anxieties of modern technology. You leave behind your computer, cell phone and work responsibilities for a weekend of off-the-grid fun. It’s filled with classic camp activities – hiking, crafts, capture the flag, campfires (hell yeah s’mores), except this time sneaking out of your bunk is encouraged and truth or dare could be way wilder than when you were 12 years old. While we all know we should disconnect, what’s killer about this is it forces you to and creates an experience that will probably make you forget all about status updates.

While I don’t know anyone personally that attended last year’s inaugural experiment, friends of friends said it was legit and their trek from Boulder to Anderson Valley in Northern California was totally worth it. Registration for all three sessions has begun, so don’t miss out. I’ll be at session one making far too many references to Camp Anawanna and Salute Your Shorts.


A NYC startup that bridges the gap between plants and people.

At the intersection of ecology and good design lies The Sill. They’re a clever new startup here in NYC that’s inspiring people to bring more of the outdoors in. And it’s working. I ordered a handful of succulents (aka desk mates) and everything from the simplicity of ordering online, being flexible on their delivery and offering exceptional customer service – The Sill won me the fuck over. Every small detail, from personal notes in the order and refrigerator magnet care instructions to the inclusion of a gardening kit has me convinced The Sill is poised for long-term success. So, do yourself a favor and add some green into your home or office. The benefits are plentiful, from boosting productivity, concentration and creativity to reducing stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds. Plus, we all know girls love dudes with plants…right?!



Do-Tell: Cole Rise [interview]

It’s likely you’ve seen or used something by Cole Rise. He’s the Rise in the Instagram filter and his work has been featured in a number of blogs and magazines, but what’s most impressive to me is how curious and resourceful he is. Cole’s very talented, but the real reason he (probably) takes better photos than you is that he tries harder and spends more time honing his craft. Listen below for some simple, powerful creative advice and what he’s most excited about right now.


Links mentioned in interview:
@Thuglifeforevs – Emily Blincoe
@moneal – Michael O’Neal
What Is Home – Kim A. Thomas

Holiday Matinee’s October Mixtape!

Making a mixtape is a little like being a DJ, so we started off this one by… we’ll you’ll see. This month we’ve got tracks by Antwon, RAC, Big Data, Spencer Owen and we close it out with some spooky sounds of a classic film.

p.s. Can’t see the tape above? Click here for a mobile friendly jam sesh.

Busted by security fakie

I like playing around with magnetic fridge words. They’re a constant opportunity for creativity and seeing the sentences people made after throwing a party are the best (the more risqué, the better). Recently, I came across a unique pack from 88North called Create Skate and I had to share because skateboarding is forever cool and this just might get you to learn the lingo.


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