It’s illegal. And free!

They spent 2.5 years on it and the IFPI (which represents the recording industry worldwide) refused to clear it. So they released it for free download.

I’m talking about LEKTION III, the new album from Den Sorte Solke, aka The Black School, which is a Copenhagen-based collective founded by Simon Dokkedal, Martin Fernando Jakobsen and Martin Højland back in 2003. The three work on music projects at the intersection of genres like folk, psych rock and early electronic. Talk about genre-bending.

I was lucky to run across their latest release after they e-mailed me about our similar interests. They told me this album is made from more than 10,000 samples lifted off old vinyls, a representative sample from over 51 countries. It sounds like crazy stuff and it is. As they explained to me, it’s a basically a ‘musical odyssey’ that incorporates samples from Moroccan folk to the French avant-garde. Check out the teaser below:

You can listen to the whole album on soundcloud or download the album for free on their website.