Guilty Pleasures Volume One

You know the tunes. The ones that you secretly dance to in the shower. The ones you sing along to in the car. The ones you’re ashamed of and hide from your crush when they’re checking out your iTunes…

Well, we’re sick of being ashamed. I mean, aren’t you? We don’t mind being rejected for listening to these songs, but we’re not going to be ashamed about it.

Maybe it’s embarrassing, maybe it’s campy, or maybe it’s flat out bad. But here at Holiday Matinee, we dig those kinda songs. We wanted to let you know it’s OK to indulge once and a while. So we made a mixtape. An all-out arsenal of guilty pleasures: 11 tracks you should never be too dejected to pump up the volume and listen to.

p.s. Not seeing the tape above? Don’t worry, you can still rock out on our mobile version here.